Breeze started as two separate projects: Scalala and ScalaNLP, both of which were collaborations between David Hall and Daniel Ramage. Unfortunately, Daniel Ramage can no longer contribute to these projects, and so the projects were merged into Breeze.
Breeze has been fortunate enough to have many contributors, including:
  • Jason Zaugg <retronym>
  • Alexander Lehmann <afwlehmann>
  • Jonathan Merritt <lancelet>
  • Keith Stevens <fozziethebeat>
  • Jason Baldridge <jasonbaldridge>
  • Timothy Hunter (@tjhunter)
  • Dave DeCaprio (@DaveDeCaprio)
  • Daniel Duckworth (@duckworthd)
  • Eric Christiansen (@emchristiansen)
  • Marc Millstone (@splittingfield)
  • Mérő László (@laci37)
  • Alexey Noskov (@alno)
  • Devon Bryant (@devonbryant)
  • Kentaroh Takagaki (@ktakagaki)
  • Sam Halliday (@fommil)
  • Chris Stucchio (@stucchio)
  • Xiangrui Meng (@mengxr)

… and many others! (Please contact David if your name isn’t listed.)

So far Epic has been a research project of David Hall and other members of the Berkeley NLP Group. We welcome contributions from and collaborations with others!


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