Breeze 0.1

I’m pleased to announce the availability of ScalaNLP Breeze, a new(-ish) collection of libraries for Linear Algebra, Numerics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing in Scala. Breeze continues both Scalala and ScalaNLP-Core, offering numerous performance and feature enhancements.¬†Breeze builds against Scala 2.9.2, and is available from Sonatype and Maven Central.

Breeze comprises four libraries:

  • ¬†breeze-math: Numerics and Linear Algebra. Fast linear algebra backed by native libraries (via JBlas) where appropriate.
  • breeze-process: Tools for tokenizing, processing, and massaging data, especially textual data. Includes stemmers, tokenizers, and stop word filtering, among other features.
  • breeze-learn: Optimization and Machine Learning. Contains state-of-the-art routines for convex optimization, sampling distributions, several classifiers, and DSLs for Linear Programming and Belief Propagation.
  • breeze-viz: (Very alpha) Basic support for plotting, using JFreeChart.


To get help with Breeze, please use our mailing list:

Breeze is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

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