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Type Members

  1. class BloomFilter[T] extends (T) ⇒ Boolean

    A BloomFilter is an approximate set that sometimes gives false positives.

  2. trait CachedHashCode extends AnyRef

    Mixin for case classes that compute their hashcode once, and then cache it.

  3. final class CompositeIndex[U] extends Index[(Int, U)]

    An Index over N kinds of things.

  4. class DenseIntIndex extends Index[Int]

    For use when we need an index, but we already have (densely packed) positive ints and don't want hash overhead.

  5. trait DoubleImplicits extends AnyRef

  6. class EitherIndex[L, R] extends Index[Either[L, R]]

    An Index over two kinds of things.

  7. trait Encoder[T] extends AnyRef

    For encoding counters as vectors and decoding vectors back to counters

  8. class HashIndex[T] extends MutableIndex[T] with Serializable

    Class that builds a 1-to-1 mapping between Ints and T's, which is very useful for efficiency concerns.

  9. trait Index[T] extends Iterable[T] with (T) ⇒ Int with Serializable

    Trait that marks an O(1) bidirectional map between Ints (increasing from 0) and T's.

  10. trait IndexProxy[T] extends Index[T] with IterableProxy[T]

    A proxy passing all calls to the underlying index instance.

  11. class Interner[T] extends (T) ⇒ T with Serializable

    Class that mimics Java's string interner, but for anything.

  12. trait Isomorphism[T, U] extends Serializable

    An Isomorphism is defined by a reversible transformation between two types.

  13. class IsomorphismIndex[T, U] extends Index[U] with Serializable

    Maps an index of type T to an index of type U using an isomorphism implicit

  14. trait IteratorImplicits extends AnyRef

  15. trait Lens[T, U] extends AnyRef

    A Lens defines a functional way of handling getters/setters.

  16. trait MutableIndex[T] extends Index[T]

    An Index that contains an extra method: index that adds the given element (if necessary), returning its (possibly new) position in the index.

  17. trait MutableIndexProxy[T] extends IndexProxy[T] with MutableIndex[T]

    A proxy for MutableIndex instances.

  18. class OptionIndex[T] extends Index[Option[T]]

    Lifts an index of T into an index of Option[T] .

  19. class PairIndex[T, U] extends Index[(T, U)]

    An index over pairs from a pair of indexes

  20. class SeqExtras[T] extends AnyRef

  21. trait SynchronizedIndex[T] extends Index[T]

    Synchronized view of an Index for thread-safe access.

  22. trait SynchronizedMutableIndex[T] extends MutableIndex[T] with SynchronizedIndex[T]

    A synchronized view of a MutableIndex.

  23. type TODO = Nothing

    Similar to the TODO expression, except this one is for types.

  24. class TopK[T] extends Iterable[T]

    A Top-K queue keeps a list of the top K elements seen so far as ordered by the given comparator.

  25. class TopKIterable[T] extends AnyRef

    A rich iterable extension that adds the topk method.

  26. class TopKIterator[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ArrayUtil

    Array operations on generic arrays, a little faster in general, I hope.

  2. def CALLER(nth: Int): String

    Computes the source file location of the nth parent.

    Computes the source file location of the nth parent. 0 is equivalent to LOCATION

  3. object Encoder

  4. object EnumerationIndex

  5. object HeapDump

    Outputs information about the heap

  6. object Implicits extends DoubleImplicits with IteratorImplicits

    Stores various implicits, also available by importing breeze.

  7. object Index extends Serializable

    Utilities for manipulating and creating Index objects.

  8. object Interner extends Serializable

  9. object Isomorphism extends Serializable

  10. object Iterators

    Utilities and implicits for iterators.

  11. def LOCATION: String

    Computes the current source file and line number.

    Computes the current source file and line number.

  12. object Lens

  13. object Profiling

  14. object ReflectionUtil

  15. object Sorting

  16. def TODO: Nothing

    You can write TODO in your code, and get an exception at runtime for any expression.

  17. object Terminal

  18. object TopK

  19. object TopKImplicits

  20. def XXX: Nothing

    You can write XXX in your code and get an exception at runtime for any expression.

  21. implicit def arraySeqExtras[T](s: Array[T]): SeqExtras[T]

  22. def memoryString: String

    Returns a string with info about the available and used space.

  23. def readObject[T](loc: File): T

    Deserializes an object using java serialization

  24. implicit def seqExtras[T](s: Seq[T]): SeqExtras[T]

  25. def trace[T](a: T): T

    prints a and returns it.

  26. def writeObject[T](out: File, parser: T): Unit

    Serializes an object using java serialization

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