package linear

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Type Members

  1. class AffineScaling extends Logging

    Simple LP solver based on http://en.

  2. trait BipartiteMatching extends AnyRef

    Algorithms for finding a bipartite matching.

  3. class ConjugateGradient[T, M] extends Logging

    Solve argmin (a dot x + .

  4. case class InfeasibleProblem(prob: Problem) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable

  5. class LinearProgram extends AnyRef

    DSL for LinearPrograms.

Value Members

  1. object AffineScaling extends AffineScaling

  2. object BranchAndBound

    mixed 0-1 ILP Solver based on Branch and bound

  3. object CompetitiveLinking extends BipartiteMatching

  4. object InteriorPoint

    InteriorPoint solver for LPs.

  5. object KuhnMunkres extends BipartiteMatching

    Algorithm to find a minimum cost matching on a bipartite graph.

  6. object LinearProgram