package math

Linear Supertypes
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Type Members

  1. case class Complex(real: Double, imag: Double) extends Product with Serializable

    Immutable complex number representation backed by doubles for the real and imaginary parts.

  2. trait CoordinateSpace[V, S] extends InnerProductSpace[V, S]

    A coordinate space is like a breeze.math.InnerProductSpace, but it supports the full suite of "Tensor-y" operations.

  3. trait Field[V] extends Ring[V]

    Marker trait for scalar values.

  4. trait InnerProductSpace[V, S] extends NormedVectorSpace[V, S]

  5. class LogDouble extends AnyRef

    Represents a double in log space, to prevent under/overflow These guys are horribly slow right now, thanks to boxing in Java.

  6. trait MutableCoordinateSpace[V, S] extends MutableInnerProductSpace[V, S] with CoordinateSpace[V, S]

  7. trait MutableInnerProductSpace[V, S] extends InnerProductSpace[V, S] with MutableVectorSpace[V, S]

  8. trait MutableNormedSpace[V, S] extends NormedVectorSpace[V, S] with MutableVectorSpace[V, S]

  9. trait MutableVectorSpace[V, S] extends VectorSpace[V, S]

  10. trait MutablizingAdaptor[+VS[_, _], MVS[_, _], V, S] extends AnyRef

  11. trait NormedVectorSpace[V, S] extends VectorSpace[V, S]

  12. class RichField extends AnyRef

  13. trait Ring[V] extends Semiring[V]

  14. trait Semiring[V] extends Serializable

  15. trait TensorSpace[V, I, S] extends MutableCoordinateSpace[V, S]

  16. trait VectorSpace[V, S] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Complex extends Serializable

  2. object CoordinateSpace

  3. object Field extends Serializable

  4. object LogDouble

  5. object MutableCoordinateSpace

  6. object MutableInnerProductSpace

  7. object MutableVectorSpace

  8. object MutablizingAdaptor

  9. object PowImplicits

    importing this gives numeric enables a "pow" method on basic numeric types

  10. object Ring extends Serializable

  11. object Semiring extends Serializable

  12. object TensorSpace

  13. val i: Complex

  14. implicit def richDouble(value: Double): RichField

  15. implicit def richFloat(value: Float): RichField

  16. implicit def richInt(value: Int): RichField

  17. implicit def richLong(value: Long): RichField

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