package io

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Type Members

  1. abstract class ByteConverter extends AnyRef

    Reads and writes data from byte values.

  2. class RandomAccessFile extends DataInput with DataOutput with Closeable

    Wrapper for

  3. trait TextReader extends AnyRef

    Reader for consuming unicode code points from a stream.

  4. class TextReaderException extends RuntimeException

    Thrown when encountering a problem while reading from a TextReader.

  5. trait TextWriter extends AnyRef

    A simple append-based text writing interface used by TextSerialization as its Output type.

Value Members

  1. object ByteConverterBigEndian extends ByteConverter

    See, reads big endian.

  2. object ByteConverterLittleEndian extends ByteConverter

    See, reads little endian.

  3. object CSVReader

    Just a simple wrapper for OpenCSV's csvreader.

  4. object CSVWriter

    Just a simple wrapper for OpenCSV's csvreader.

  5. object FileStreams

    Gets input and output streams to a file, wrapping them in GZIP streams if the file ends with .

  6. object TextReader

  7. object TextWriter