package generic

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Type Members

  1. trait MMRegistry1[M] extends AnyRef

  2. trait MMRegistry2[R] extends AnyRef

  3. trait MappingUFunc extends UFuncX

  4. trait MethodImpl[A, +R] extends AnyRef

    Basically Function1, but not because we don't want these coming up when implicit search happens.

  5. trait Multimethod[Method, A <: AnyRef, R] extends MMRegistry1[Method]

    A Multimethod is basically a glorified registry that uses dynamic reflection (and subtyping) to determine which version of the method to invoke.

  6. trait Multimethod2[Method[AA, BB, RR] <: (AA, BB) ⇒ RR, A, B, R] extends (A, B) ⇒ R with MMRegistry2[Method[_ <: A, _ <: B, _ <: R]]

  7. trait Multiproc2[Method[AA, BB] <: (AA, BB) ⇒ Unit, A <: AnyRef, B] extends (A, B) ⇒ Unit with MMRegistry2[Method[_ <: A, _ <: B]]

    A Multiproc2 is a Multimethod that is guaranteed to return Unit

  8. trait UFunc extends AnyRef

    "Universal" Functions that mimic numpy's.

  9. trait UFuncX extends UFuncZ

  10. trait UFuncZ extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object UFunc