package mutable

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Type Members

  1. trait ArrayLike[T] extends AnyRef

    An ArrayLike is something that can behave kind of like an Array, but isn't.

  2. class ArrayMap[V] extends Map[Int, V] with MapLike[Int, V, ArrayMap[V]] with Serializable

    Wraps an ArrayBuffer with a Map.

  3. class AutoUpdater[M, K, V] extends Map[K, V]

    AutoUpdater wraps a Map such that any call to apply updates the map with an instance of the default value

  4. class Beam[T] extends Iterable[T] with IterableLike[T, Beam[T]] with Growable[T]

    Represents a beam, which is essentially a priority queue with a maximum size.

  5. final class OpenAddressHashArray[Elem] extends Storage[Elem] with ArrayLike[Elem] with Serializable

    This is a Sparse Array implementation backed by a linear-probing open address hash table.

  6. class RingBuffer[A] extends Buffer[A] with GenericTraversableTemplate[A, RingBuffer] with BufferLike[A, RingBuffer[A]] with Builder[A, List[A]]

  7. final class SparseArray[Elem] extends ArrayLike[Elem] with Storage[Elem] with Serializable

    A SparseArray is a sparse representation of an array using a two-array binary-search approach.

  8. class SparseArrayMap[T] extends Map[Int, T] with MapLike[Int, T, SparseArrayMap[T]] with Serializable

  9. final class TriangularArray[T] extends Serializable

    A TriangularArray is a jagged 2-d array where for every row r, we have an array of size dim - r.

Value Members

  1. object ArrayMap extends Serializable

  2. object AutoUpdater

  3. object Beam

  4. object OpenAddressHashArray extends Serializable

  5. object RingBuffer extends SeqFactory[RingBuffer]

  6. object SparseArray extends Serializable

  7. object SparseArrayMap extends Serializable

  8. object TriangularArray extends Serializable